Sales Lead Generators

Get more sales leads for less

This site is a resource for marketers who need sales leads. It provides information about lead generation tools, lead generation software, the latest lead generation techniques and includes a directory of lead generators.

The way to get sales leads online is quite simple. You need to set up highly targeted PPC campaigns and drive traffic to strongly converting web pages.

The process can be quite scientific especially if you adopt rigorous A/B split testing procedures.

The cost of sales leads will be heavily dependent on the market you are in. For example, business sales leads tend to be more expensive than consumer sales leads because the value of a business customer is usually higher than that of a consumer.

Similarly, mortgage sales will be more expensive than sales leads for a pair of shoes because the value of the  mortgage in terms of the stream of cashflows it represents is much higher than the profit from the sale of a pair of shoes.

This website discusses the different types of sales leads and how to generate them. It also includes a sales lead dictionary where you can learn about specific types of sales leads and how they are generated.