Where to buy business leads

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Buying business leads

A smart way to boost your profits is to buy business leads. Professional sales lead generators will usually advertise their services on Google, Bing, Facebook etc. But to get the best quality of lead, you should focus on working with a business lead generator who has in-depth experience of working in your own business sector. So for example, if you need insurance leads, you should find a supplier who is familiar with the insurance market. Similarly if you are after mortgage leads, you should work with a lead generator who understands the mortgage market.

Why work with specialist business lead suppliers

The reasons for doing this when you buy business leads are two-fold. First, the supplier will understand your market place and will be aware of the different types of lead available. Following on from the above examples, there are clearly many different types of insurance lead. For example, health insurance, car insurance, business protection policy leads and key man insurance to name a few. Each of these insurance leads will have different characteristics. Just as importantly, these leads will have different values. A business protection policy lead can be worth a great deal more than a car insurance sales lead.

It’s the same with mortgage leads. A household mortgage lead is going to be worth less generally than a lead for a corporate mortgage over a portfolio of commercial properties.

In all these cases, you don’t want to be explaining the basics of your business sector to the lead provider. Instead you want to work with someone who really understand your business sector. If they have a strong and proven track record of delivering high quality business leads that’s even better. So when you want to buy business leads, make sure the seller understands your business first.

The second reason for working with a specialist supplier of business leads is that those sales leads are likely to have higher conversion rates. The higher the conversion rate, the greater your profit and the greater the value of the leads you’ll be buying. Of course, the seller will know this too and so you should expect to pay more for strongly converting leads. So when you want to know where to buy business leads, try and identify the lead generator who is most familiar with your market sector.