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This website is a privately run site designed to help business people learn about sales lead generation, sales leads, and internet marketing concepts such as conversion rates, customer lifetime values etc.  

Conversion rates

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Conversion is the marketing process of getting people on your website to do what you want. This could be subscribing to an email list. If you run an ecommerce site it would be getting them to buy. It could just be getting them to fill in a form. Or it… Read more »

Where to buy business leads

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Buying business leads A smart way to boost your profits is to buy business leads. Professional sales lead generators will usually advertise their services on Google, Bing, Facebook etc. But to get the best quality of lead, you should focus on working with a business lead generator who has in-depth… Read more »

The wrong end sales lead formula

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Sale lead costs and the “wrong end” math formula that stops you overpaying Many businesses sell sales leads. So if you search Google for, say, insurance sales leads, you’ll see a list of websites and ads about sales lead suppliers. But how much should you pay? What do sales leads… Read more »

Business leads and how to get them

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There are two types of business leads: B2B leads and B2C leads. B2B leads refer to sales leads for businesses that predominantly sell to other businesses. A good example is a pension company that sells company pension schemes to businesses. The value of this type of lead can be very… Read more »